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Cape Fear and Deep River Navigation Company

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The Cape Fear and Deep River Navigation Company


Organized in 1848, the Cape Fear and Deep River Navigation Company was a private company chartered by the State of North Carolina to create a slackwater navigation system connecting Fayetteville, NC with Chatham County. At one time it was imagined that perhaps that navigation system would reach all the way to the Yadkin River. The Navigation Company built a series of locks and dams (and a few canals) all the way from Fayetteville into what is now Moore County, NC, but flooding, poor workmanship and meager revenues resulted in the eventual bankruptcy of the company. The State of North Carolina became increasingly involved int he financing of the project, but the advent of the Civil War spelled the end. The works were largely abandoned during the war. After the war and through much of the late 19th century the locks and dams were repaired to allow shipping between Buckhorn on the Cape Fear and Gulf on the Deep. But even this was eventually abandoned. Wade Hadley wrote an excellent history of the Navigation Company as well as prior and later efforts to improve the rivers, The Story of the Cape Fear and Deep River Navigation Company, 1849-1873 (1980). His book can be ordered from the Chatham County Historical Association:



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