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Cox Lake Dam

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Upstream: Old Liberty Road Bridge


84-7 Cox Lake Dam


Downstream: Cedar Falls Dam



This is evidently the site referred to by Swain (1899) as being one where there was reportedly a 12 15 foot fall. It must later have been developed into a hydroelectric plant.


Saville (1924) refers to this site as "New Dam" so it must have been built shortly before 1924. The National Inventory of Dams says ti was completed in 1918.


Garrett (1976) reports that the Jordan family bought electricity from this dam to assist in powering the upper mill at Cedar Falls after they bought that mill in 1939. This ought not be confused with the Revolutionary era Cox’s Mill (mile 72-5). Benner (1987) says this dam is 20 feet tall.


Areas for Research

  • When was this first built?

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