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The Camelback Bridge (Cumnock)

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Upstream: Fish Trap


15-5 The Camelback Bridge (Cumnock)


Downstream: Cumnock-Rosser Road Bridge


Before any bridge was built here, there was a ford known as the "fish dam ford" as seen in Chatham DB C, pg 66 & 69, for example. Page 42 of Volume one of the Chatham Ct Min abstracts mentions Rigdon’s Ferry which was presumably in this vicinity (as discussed in the Fish Trap entry).


What was probably the first bridge here was built in 1855; it was shown by Ramsey (1870). The Chatham Record reported on 4-6-1882 that repairs were undertaken on that bridge. H A London (1876) mentioned that there was a bridge here in 1876, one of only three on the Deep in Chatham County at that time.


The Camelback Bridge, which stands here now, formerly stood across the Cape Fear River in Lillington. This is only half of the Lillington Bridge. One of the pilings it stands on is clearly quite old and made of local stone. A second piling of this kind must have stood mid river and the rubble from it is still there. These old pilings might be from the 1855 bridge.


The Cumnock community was formerly known as Egypt.


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