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Vickrey Mill

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Upstream: Old Coltrane Mill Road Bridge


96.5 Vickrey Mill


Downstream: Walker Mill Road Bridge


Martin (1993) says that Regulator Marmaduke Vickrey built a mill on the left bank at the mouth of _ Creek on land granted to him by Lord Granville on 2-22-1759. The Randolph Historical Map gives the date 1757 for this mill. However, there does not appear to be a natural fall in the river directly at the mouth of the creek and Saville (1924) shows what he calls a fish dam a bit further down at mile 96.5, which I imagine is the location of the Vickrey Mill dam. In any case, the entire area is now buried below Randleman Lake and therefore difficult to investigate.


Areas for Research

  • Are there deeds that would help identify this location?

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